ELSA Lightning Policy

Updated Wednesday January 9, 2019 by Eagle Lake Board.

Eagle Lake Sports Association

Lightning Policy


ELSA board members have access to an electronic lightning detection device.  If no ELSA board member is present, the following policy is in effect. 


If lighting is imminent or a thunderstorm is approaching, all players, coaches and spectators should move to safe structures.  If a suitable shelter is not available, it is best to avoid tall objects (trees, poles, etc) that allow lightning an easy path to the ground.  It is important to avoid being the tallest object.  In an open field, people should crouch with their legs together, weight on the balls of their feet, arms wrapped around their knees, and head down with their ears covered.  The person should minimize contact with the ground and should not lie flat.





ELSA’s policy is to use the 30-minute rule when making return-to-play decisions.  After the last flash of lightning is witnessed or the last thunderclap is heard, it is recommended to wait at least 30 minutes before resuming practice or competition.  Given the average rate of thunderstorm travel, the storm should move 10 to 12 miles away from the area, reducing the risk of local lightning strike.  Any subsequent lightning strike or thunder after the beginning of the 30-minute count should reset the clock and another count should begin. 


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